Cop killer Esteban Carpio was escorted into court wearing a mask and unrecognizable face. His family and friends nearly fainted when they saw him. They could barely recognize him and the first thing they did was scream “police brutality” and throw a huge fit. It was so bad they should’ve been held in contempt of court.

But they shouldn’t feel bad for the man with the broken face. They should feel bad for the family and friends of Detective James L. Allen whose life was taken away by Carpio in a pointless and avoidable situation.

Carpio killed Allen point blank with his own gun. Carpio and Allen weren’t even at odds. Carpio was being questioned about a totally different crime when he appears to have grabbed Allen’s gun unexpectedly and shot him point blank for no reason.

There was literally no point to that crime and no reason this detective had to lose his life.

After Carpio shot Detective Allen with his own weapon, the suspect then tried to escape by jumping out a third story window and hobbling a few blocks away. It’s safe to say his face probably exploded when he hit the ground on his long fall from the third floor. And if he got a few punches and kicks on the way to court, in exchange for killing a cop, then you can say he’s a very lucky guy to have survived. Officers could’ve murdered Esteban Carpio if they wanted to, but they have families to go home to and they know the justice system will do it’s job.

PROVIDENCE — A white plastic mask obscuring his severely bruised face, Esteban Carpio, the man accused of fatally shooting a Providence detective inside police headquarters early Sunday, was arraigned yesterday on murder charges and ordered held without bail.

Carpio, 26, was charged in Providence District Court with killing Detective James L. Allen with the officer’s gun around 12 a.m. Sunday as the veteran officer questioned him about the stabbing of an 84-year-old woman.

Assistant Attorney General Paul Daly said in court that Carpio grabbed Allen’s pistol in a third-story interview room, shot him twice, blew out a window with another gunshot, and jumped 60 feet to a grassy mound. He was captured after what police described as a violent struggle several blocks away, about 45 minutes later.

Carpio’s relatives gasped when court officers led in the shackled man, his eyes red, swollen slits.
”Oh, my God, look what they did to him,” one of Carpio’s relatives wailed, adding a vulgarity about the police officers.

Look what they did to him? Look what he did to people? What kind of parent are you when your kid murders someone in cold blood and you’re worried about a few black eyes? Had that mother raised a decent child, she wouldn’t have watched him get dealt a life sentence in prison without parole.

Carpio’s busted face in a mask has gone viral on social media and people are outraged that the mother had the nerve to shout police brutality after he murdered a detective and allegedly stabbed an 84-year-old woman.

Carpio tried to plead insanity, but the judge gave a firm NO on that.

It starts at home folks. Do your best as a parent to raise a child who makes intelligent decisions. Ignore your kids too long and they’ll find a way to get attention. If you’ve raised your children right, and they still do something like this, then there’s nothing you can do about it. You did your job, but some people still turn out like this.

Prayers to Detective Allen’s friends and family. No detective should suffer through that.

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