BREAKING: Train Derails Onto Interstate – 250 People On Board

An Amtrak train has derailed and is blocking a Washington interstate.

Pierce County, WA – An Amtrak train derailed on an overpass Monday morning, and fell off of the overpass.

This was a new high-speed train on its first run, and numerous people are reported to be injured.

The derailment happened just south of Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Mounts Rd on Interstate 5, and is blocking all southbound lanes.

An estimated 250 people were on board the train when the derailment occurred. It hasn’t been reported at this time if anybody has been killed.

UPDATE: AP reporting multiple people killed.

UPDATE: Numerous dead and seriously injured with people still entrapped in the train.

This has been declared a mass casualty incident.

You can see an interview about the incident here:

UPDATE: There’s now reported to be an estimated 70 people on board.

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